Education...It's a Process...Not an Event!

The power of choice is the greatest power that a person possesses.
This is a math class designed to reinforce math facts and understanding of math operations in preparation for a lifetime application of math and a comfortable experience with the state-mandated Algebra 1 end-of-course exam.
This is a class for juniors and seniors and is designed to provide students with useful tools to obtain a job. students will explore further careers, job opportunities, explore colleges, and prerequisite work skills. They will participate in an entrepreneur program. Class activities will culminate with a portfolio of employment related documents and the student leading their IEP exit meeting. Full year course for one elective credit.
Here you will find additional activities that reinforce classroom activities. Have fun!
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This class is designed to work with students that wish to increase their perceived ability to succeed in their academic, personal, and athletic pursuits. The goals of the class are to develop attitudes, skills, and behaviors necessary for success in academic achievement and athletic performance by improving self-determination.
The huddle is available to any student of the Hamilton R-II School District. The huddle is available Monday through Friday before school and during lunch. Mornings will be used to make sure that students are prepared for the day. (ie. have pencils, paper, planners, completed homework) You will receive the motivational quote of the day and any mental uplifting you need to get your day started. During lunch, I will be available for the same and help on any classwork. The motto of "The Huddle" is be prepared, be punctual, show pride, and persevere.