8th grade US History

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Greeting parents and students and thank you for visiting my website. I'm excited about this school year and I hope you are too. This school year I will providing instruction to  8th grade United States History students. This class is a required course which must be completed successfully. Therefore, I need parental involvement and student participation. Combining these necessities with my willingness to provide quality and effective instruction I'm confident we will be successful in all we set out to accomplish this school year. Please check the site regularly for updates, class news, and upcoming events. Thanks again and let's make it a great year.


Ms. Joy Tullis, M.S.

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Here you'll be able to access information on the subject of bullying? You can learn about the signs of bullying, what to do if you or someone you know is being bullied, and how to help put an end to it. Stop Bullying Now! Kids Health
Are you looking for a website to help you with your homework or research project? Visit the websites listed below to access great information which will help enhance your learning opportunties. The Center for Congress has loads of Congressional information as well as interactive lessons. I really enjoyed the activity entitled "The Impact of Congress." Check it out! The Constitution for Kids- This is an awesome site which will help you learn all about the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. History.com: Global historically based documentaries, videos and articles. Fact Monster: A reference site to use for researching various topics. Reading Plus: Silent, Independent FCAT Reading Preparation. Students can also access RP through the student portal. If asked for a site code use 121andover. USA Today: Current Event/News Reports. Our Documents: Primary Documents/United States Department of Justice National Geographic: Learn about physical and human features of geography. Excellent video sources. How Stuff Works: Lessons, strategies, and videos on various social studies topics. Fun Brain: Educational Games America's Library: Learn about the history of the United States. Museum Exhibits: Travel back in time through various time periods and research artifacts from each era. FEMA for Kids: Do you know what to do in the event of a natural disaster? This site will help you prepare. USA Games: Interactive website for learning United States landscapes, lakes, capitals and much more. Kids Health: This site is one of my personal favorites. The site provides hundreds of articles on various health topics. Ben's Guide: Everything you need to know about the United States government. Well, just about everything :)

First Marking Period


Take the free citizenship test and pass with a score of 100% to receive extra credit for the first marking period. Print out a copy of your score and submit to me on or before October 21, 2011.


Second Marking Period


What is tolerance and how is tolerance taught? To receive extra credit submit this assignment no later than January 20, 2012. Click on the extra credit link and look under class downloads to access the reading passage and worksheet.


Complete a two page typed double space research report on the SOPA and PIPA ACT.  Discuss what the bills are, advantages and disadvantages, and how the bill will affect Americans.  If you wish to receive extra credit your work must be turned in on or before March 23, 2012.

All students must complete this mandatory extra credit assignment

One of the keys to success is organization. When you learn how to organize information you develop good study habits; thus increasing your comprehension. Feel free to print any of the organizers you need and use them to complete your assignments.
Students must complete 3 weekly sessions of Reading Plus; each session runs roughly 45 minutes. Do not start a session unless you are prepared to sit the entire time. If you stop mid-session you will be required to start the session over. If asked for a sitecode enter 121andover. Also, the following home learning assignments must be completed and submitted by the dates listed. Failure to submit home learning will have a negative impact on your final grade. I do not accept late assignments so please mark the dates in your planner. Should you have any questions see me as soon as possible and don't forget to have an adult check your work prior to submitting it to me.
Have you ever wondered why people go to court and who the people are that work in them? Visit Judge Susan's Court Class for Kids to learn more.

The syllabus includes course objective information, a list of required materials and supplies, a grading scale, student expectations, class rules, and our school discipline policies for 7th grade Civics and 8th grade US History.

I hope you enjoy this video section. I'll be adding more on a regular basis. Enjoy! America Gets a Constitution Articles of Confederation The first consititution of the United States. Colonists Protests British Policies Dallas cops keep $2,000 found by teen. Did the City of Dallas Police Department abuse its power? You decide. Declaration of Independence History of Thanksgiving George Washington: America's First President I Have A Dream Speech Immigrants Entering Ellis Island Jamestown Magna Carta, The Mayflower Compact also see The Agreement Path to the Podium: Barack Obama Real Story of Columbus, The Should a Speeding Ticket Require Forfeiting Your Smartphone Data?
Feel free to use this PowerPoint template.  Modify the presentation as you see fit.

General Downloads

Check out this awesome slide show provided by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation.