Ms. Campbell's AP World History

AP World History :)

I am available for questions before school, after school, during A lunch, and at the end of class provided there is time. Every Monday we will have a pop quiz and you will be given an ID/EQ to be completed and turned in the following Monday. Every Thursday we will be doing a document analysis or writing an inclass essay. Document analysis will be due the following Thursday

AP World History

Monday 8-13 I will be absent, you will have a sub. Be good or beware of the consequences! Please work on your IDs/EQs when you are finished with the Pop Quiz Tuesday 8-14 Wednesday 8-15 Thursday 8-16 Friday 8-17

General Downloads

AP Syllabus (482.77 KB)
APPARTS Chart (7.97 KB)
PERSIAG Chart (8.06 KB)
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