Mrs. Metts

Third Graders...Start Your Engines!!!

Thank you to all the SPONSORS (parents) who are going to help their children learn this year! I hope you have fun navigating through this website! THURSDAYS are minimum days! Oct 3rd Oct 21st Fall Fundraiser Raffle Oct 4-7 National Walk to School Week Oct 5th Room Parent Meeting Oct 17-21 Character Counts Week October 21st CARNIVAL Oct 25th PTO Meeting Nov 1st Assembly Nov 14-18 Fall Book Fair Nov 21-25 (Thanksgiving break) Nov 29th PTO Meeting Check out the PTO website!
Here are some great places to enjoy your family time and learn something too! More to come! First we will study Maps! We are going to be studying Earth Science next. Try to visit some places where your children can explore Rocks and Minerals. Fun Place to Visit! La Brea Tarpits Museum of Natural History Gentle Barn County Parks California Camping Tide Pools Hollywood Tours wax museum Ripleys El Capitan Theater Metrolink Santa Barbara Zoo Auto Museum Adobe Museum Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica Pier Aquarium Marine Aquarium Descanso Gardens LA Arboretum
We have covered all the parts of speech students need to know in second grade and will continue mastery in third. We will keep practicing. Look at sentence with your student and see if they can tell you what part of speech each word is. You can also look in the dictionary to find out! Dictionary Skills are good practice. PLAY THIS GAME spelling practice Please review nouns and verbs with your children. Have fun with it! Nouns-Person, Places, Things Verbs-Action, Mental, Emotional Adjectives- color, size Adverb- modify the verb-run- run quickly Ask them what a contraction is and for some examples. can not = can't Sentence Types statement . exclamation ! question ?
Students should start to practice their multiplication facts!!! Multiplication Game
Remember.... Read to, with and by your child!!! We will be sending home phonics readers, please have your child read them two times each night. You can practice letter sounds and short vowel and long vowels with your child. Open a book and ask.... What sounds are in this word (sound not letter)? What vowels sound do you hear in the word? How many letter sounds do you hear? How many syllables are there in the word? (If you don't know, you can look in the dictionary and it will show you) What part of speech is the word? Make sure your child is reading the phonics reader every night to practice fluency, accuracy, rate, expression. Comprehension will be a huge focus this year. Start talking about what your child is reading with them.
The habitats!!!
More about mapping...Looking at the world! Point out the continents!
Antonym- Opposite Meaning Synonym- Same Meaning Compound Word- two words put together to make one word. Fire Fly firefly Spelling Patterns Practice sorting the words and add to your homework list other words you find with the same spelling pattern. Spelling Words TEST THURSDAY Long Look for these spelling patterns in your weekly reading with your child. They should beable to identify them. Spelling Words 1. 2. 3. 4 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. core words 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. PHONICS READER
Thanks for your donations! All the Cars themed games at Walmart!!! Oil Pastels- Crayons Markers Glue Sticks (these go fast) Pencils (these go fast) Board Games Prizes Water Color Paper from an art store Flour Salt