Mrs. Carmichael

Fifth Grade

Welcome to 5th grade! This year you will have me as your teacher for reading, writing and social studies. We will learn a lot this year and we will work very hard; however we will also have a lot of fun! I like to use technology as much as possible and we will use Microsoft Word for our writing, PowerPoint for presentations, blogging to share our writing, and PhotoStory3 or Windows Movie Maker to create digital stories. I am also trying my hand at a few new technological tools, but we will have to see how that goes.


Supplies Needed: You will need to have lots of pencils, cap erasers, colored pencils, crayons, glue/glue sticks, scissors, a pencil case, ruler, 2 one-subject notebooks, a durable, plastic 2-pocket folder, a hard cover composition notebook, a 3 subject notebook and a 1 ring binder. We also welcome multi-colored highlighters, post-its, tissues, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes; however these last items are not required.


Our class blog is located at the Kids Blog website. Please check this frequently as we will be posting new blogs on a regular basis. Southside has access to Study Island. Your child can log in to study island at home and practice grade level reading and math skills. Your child can also play review games on this website to practice skills. To practice spelling words students can go to Spelling City and input their new words each week. Spelling City allows students to have the website teach them, test them or to just have fun playing games with their words. Remember to check PowerSchool to see what assignments your child has coming up. I update PowerSchool regularly. You can also see what grades your child has received in all subjects as well as comments from each of the teachers, course descriptions and assignment details.


If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me through this website or call me at the school. I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have or assist in any way.


Mrs. Carmichael

In reading this year we will be reading a lot! To be exact, our goal is for each child to read at least FORTY books this year. Yes, I realize that this sounds like a lot, but you are entering a classroom that loves books and our classroom library has over 2,500 of them. We will read every day at school and every night for homework. You are required to read at least 20 min. every night (30 min. if there is no math homework), however more is better. You will have lots of opportunities to read the books of your own choosing plus opportunities to share with others what you are reading. 


Parents- as part of your child's homework they are required to respond to their reading every night. Students have a writing journal. This journal is to go home each night and come back to school each day. Please make sure that your child writes at least one page per week in response to their reading. Writing journals will be collected every Wednesday and graded according to the rubric in the front of the writing journal.

In social studies this year we will be learning about geography and you will have weekly geography lessons, practice and perhaps some homework. In addition to geography, our main focus will be United States history. In particular, we will learn about Native Americans, Explorers, Colonial Life, The Revolutionary War, US Government, and the Civil War.  We will work in groups a lot of the time and we will do several really fun and interesting projects. We will also be doing a lot of reading, writing, and research in social studies. Be prepared for a great year in social studies!

This year in fifth grade we will write a lot! You will need to write at home at least FOUR pages a week and you will be writing at school just about every day. This year we will have a class blog where you can share your writing with the other students in our class and with your families at home. We will use lots of technology to help with our writing including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, digital storytelling, blogging and more! I believe that writing is fun and hopefully you will learn to enjoy it as much as I do!