Mrs. Baumbach

Welcome to FACS at CGMS!

Hi! My name is Mrs. Baumbach and I am the new FACS (Family & Consumer Science) teacher here at CGMS. This year is going to be great for FACS! Mrs. B
Welcome to 6th grade Foods & Nutrition! In this class, students will learn how to make healthy food decisions along with: proper kitchen safety proper measuring techniques Kitchen Math How to use kitchen tools and finally incorporate all lessons into their food labs.
7th grade students are putting their knowledge of sewing from 6th grade to the test this year! Students will sew an eco-friendly tote by designing a pattern, cutting patterns, assembling and finally sewing their bag. This is a challenging project that incorporates lessons on following: reading technical directions, use of patterns, environmental impact and yes MATH! Want to see what the finished bag looks like? Look under the tab Photo Albums for pictures.
In 8th grade Foods & Nutrition, students are introduced to many topics that will help them make good and healthy food choices in the future. Topics covered are: Proper kitchen safety & sanitation How to measure properly Nutrients Food Labels & Fast food choices and finally food labs. Parents: you will get a break from cooking one night while your child practices at home what they have learned in school. They will be responsible for cooking a healthy meal for the family AND clean up afterwards! Questions? Concerns? Don't hesitate to contact me. Happy Cooking! Mrs. Baumbach
Cooking Club is an after-school activity where students can practice their cooking skills while trying new recipes. We meet six times, twice a month for 3 months. The cost to join is $24.00. The cost covers food and other supplies. If you are interested in Cooking Club, you can come talk to me or Mrs. Seimers.