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Welcome to Miss Grigg's Class Website
To contact me, please email me at

Welcome students and parents! My name is Jenny Grigg. I grew up in Effingham, Illinois. I attended college at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where I earned a degree in both elementary education with middle school social studies and language arts endorsements and special education. While at SIUC, I also participated in the dance team (saluki shakers) for four years. My first job out of college was as a 3rd-6th grade resource teacher at Beecher City Grade School. Wanting to move to the Metro East area, I started seeking a job there and I landed at Whiteside Middle School in Belleville. I spent two years at WS teaching seventh grade composition and also coached cheerleading. I had a great experience teaching seventh grade, but wanted to get back into the special education field. Furthermore, that is how I got to Wolf Branch Middle School. I'm so excited to be here at WB for my fourth school year and I think it's going to be another wonderful year. I am currently teaching 5th-8th grade special education, coaching the 6th-8th grade Wolf Branch dance team, and co-directing the drama students for the musical.

Miss Grigg's Classes
Since I teach several subjects and several different grade levels, I thought it would be easiest to just list the homework for each class under one name "Miss Grigg's Classes" When there is homework for any subject (L.A., English, S.S. or Science) it will be listed here. If there is no homework listed, there is no homework.

Link to Miss Grigg's Classes
WB Daily Announcements and Important Information

Link to WB Daily Announcements and Important Information
WB Dance Team

Link to WB Dance Team
Wolf Branch School District 113
Jenny Grigg
Miss Grigg's Classes
WB Daily Announcements and Important Information
WB Dance Team
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