Marinec's Math


Hello and Welcome To Marinec's Math Class Website. This year the main goal is to develop the basic concepts of the class you are in. I think it is very important to get to know all of your students and for the students to get to know me as well. Therefore if you desire to learn more about me check out my: Meet Me Glog
Algebra is the basic concept of dealing with numbers. There are two kinds of numbers which we will discuss through out the year. They are rational numbers and irrational numbers. Let the fun begin!! Touch up on your fractions by using: Slicing Up Fractions also another fun activity is: Linear Equations Game
Students will develop an understanding of derivatives, limits and integrals. They will use basic formulas and algebra to compute all of these.
The study of shapes and their properties. We will cover different kinds of angles, how to caluclate angles using SOHCAHTOA and much more!! Find a Fun Geometry exercise here: Origami Master
Teaching Philosophy: Students come first, and every student is not the same. As a teacher it is my goal to create a positive teaching environment where every student feel comfortable and is active in the learning process. Create a Grade Book in Excel Create a Seating Chart with Excel Linear Equations Game On-Line Math Tools--and Activities to Use With Them! Origami Master Slicing Up Fractions Where Does Your Paycheck Go? Useful Video Clips: Multiplying Binomials Geometric Shapes (Ir)rational numbers rap High School Geometry Geometry Song Communication Devices Technology Training