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When you are absent, make sure to check the date you were absent in the homework section to see what handouts/activities/notes/DOL you missed. NOTE: You may have to click on "see past" in order to view all assignments. Useful links for all my classes will be posted in this location. For links specific to your class, please check your class's link. McNary High School McNary Library 1 State Reading Test Practice Website - Use Maryland State's Practice Website to help you brush up your skills for the reading test. ( 2 State Reading Test Practice Website - Use Oregon's online simulation to help you improve your skills. ( Useful resources to improve writing: OWL - Grammar Help OWL - Writing Help Transition Help for Writing from OWL Helpful rhetoric resource for English10: American Rhetoric Want to make a difference for people who really need help? Interested in stopping injustice around the world? PLEASE join us at the Humanitarian Watch Club meetings!!! Tuesdays after school in 262!
IMPORTANT: This course is required for 12th graders to complete upon graduation. Additionally, each student must fulfill and pass (two) writing samples in the form of academic essays upon graduation. STUDENTS WILL NOT GRADUATE UNLESS THEY FULFILL THESE REQUIREMENTS OR  ARRANGE TO TAKE ANOTHER EXIT EXAM THAT ALSO SUFFICES FOR THIS EXIT CRITERIA. 

This course is a simultaneous study of British history and literature as well as containing a focus on academic writing. During the two-semester course, students will study British literature chronologically while considering cultural and historical changes in Britain. Students will read selections out of an anchor text (Elements of Literature, 6th edition) and complete the readings Frankenstein. Pygmalion, and Lord of the Flies. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation for authors, texts, and literary devices that reflect changes in British literature over time while mastering the writing process of academic essays with the use of "Write Tools", an effective writing process used throughout McNary High School that is statistically  proven to improve students' writing skills.

Welcome! So far, we have been studying Harlem Renaissance-era poetry along with reading "Bronx Masquerade" by Nikki Grimes. Be sure to have the book with you everyday, as well as your SSR book for Wednesdays.

What you may have missed so far:

Metaphor Poem: We are working on this in class now. Get the frame and assignment sheet in class.
Character Sheet: This goes with reading "Bronx Masquerade". I have the sheets in class.

See you in class!
Welcome to Second Semester! Please get "Elements of Literature, 6th edition from the library. You also need to bring a notebook to class every day. Our first unit is the Restoration Era of British history, from 1660-1800. View the power point attached and write one page of Cornell Notes in your notebook entry as Entry #1.

Also, print out the attached "Classroom Expectations" so you know how to be successful in the class. Sign with a parent and bring back for your 25 point first assignment. Due Friday, Jan. 31st.
Welcome back! You need to get "The Outsiders" from the library. Attached is the power point we watched in class to prepare for the story. Be sure to watch the powerpoint. Be sure to get the "Classroom Expectations" sheet in class, get it signed, and turn it in for 25 points.

Per. 4: Take one page of Cornell Notes in your notebook. This is entry #1.
Per. 6: Read the first six pages of "The Outsiders".

See you in class!

Ms. Wilkinson

General Downloads

View the document to see the DOL and the notes from 9/19-9/20.
This worksheet will help you think about the details of your story, so that you can develop them clearly.
Here are the items to be vigilant for when editing/writing your narratives.
Read the packet to gain a better understanding of how samples are scored.
Take the introductory quiz. Read the documents and define the underlined words in each document for your vocabulary log.
View the power point and copy the definitions for each word. They will be on a vocabulary quiz.
CIM Scoring Guide (129.19 KB)
Read the guide and translate it into your own guide that you will use throughout the semester to score your colleagues' papers.
Citation Examples (115.86 KB)
For help with your citations, use this comprehensive list. Make sure you find the correct source type!
Use this document to help you format notes.
Look at the example and use it as a model for your outline.
Read these important items to help you with writing your narrative.
Inference Help (191.49 KB)
Look at the picture and try to infer what the situation is.
View the power point presentation and know the differences between sentence types. Be clear about the examples.