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Mrs. Levinson's Class

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Information For Parents

For sanitary reasons, each child should have their own headset. Sharing is not recommended.
This report issued 10/14/2013 by Thomson-Reuters News Service.
All homework must be signed by parent. ...................... Read the homework cover page VERY carefully. Practice spelling and words to know each night. . . The Math pages are complete chapters. I only have one copy (removed from a book) for each child. If your child loses it, you need to download a new copy from this website. I CANNOT PRINT ADDITIONAL PAGES. .Thank you for your continued support.
If your child is interested in reading and getting an award, here is the form for "Reading Across Broward" and information on how to qualify. Form requires 8 1/2 x 14 legal size paper for each of 2 pages.
Instructions for access to BEEP for all the books used in the classroom. You will need the students I.D. number and birthdate (use the format shown on screen mm/dd/yyyy). Enter this web address into your browser http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/casdl/textbooks/textbooks.asp This link is also shown on my "links" section of my class website. Click on the BLUE line near bottom of page that opens to go to BEEP site.
This calendar is from the www.browardschools.com website. It is subject to changes. Watch the Broward Schools website for changes over the summer.

Supplemental Reading

If your child is interested in reading and getting an award, here is the form for "Reading Across Broward" and information on how to qualify. Form requires 8 1/2 x 14 legal size paper for each of 2 pages.

Articles Of Interest

This report issued 10/14/2013 by Thomson-Reuters News Service.
Many parents have told me that books are so expensive to buy, but that is not true. Every Saturday and some Sundays, there are GARAGE SALES and various organizational sales held. Just check the classified section of the newspaper, or go to www.craigslist.com to see what is in your area. I have bought books for many years at garage sales to have in my classrooms. I usually pay about 10 to 25 cents per book. Sometimes the seller will offer me the entire lot for a very small fee. My own children had an ample supply of reading books from sales such as these when they were growing up. There is no reason to pay top dollar for a book, and look at how much money you can save.

About Mrs. Levinson

First week Of School Forms to be signed

Note: Only if you wish to have your child excused from this course, should this form be completed and submitted to the school on an annual basis, WITHIN 10 DAYS FROM THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL or from the date of enrollment if the student enrolls after the start of each school year. Failure to return this form constitutes permission for your child to participate in the Family Life/Human Sexuality curriculum.
Opt Out form 2 (429.05 KB)
ATTENTION! Checking items will prevent the selected information from appearing in school publications, including, but not limited to, the yearbook, even if you provide permission in Section B on the Media Release Form.
IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE Parent authorization is required for ANY change in dismissal. Any changes must be in the form of a written note or your child will be dismissed as indicated on previously signed form..
In the case of an emergency, it is imperative that the school be able to reach the studentís parent (as defined below). Please fill in the information on both sides of this card carefully and accurately. Please use ink and print clearly. The names of both parents of a student (as defined in the Section 1000.21(5), Florida Statutes), the registering parent and the non-registering parent, of a student shall be listed on the emergency contact card as persons authorized to pick up the child from school except where a court order has revoked the parental rights and a certified copy of such court order has been provided to the school office. Both parents shall designate on the Emergency Contact Card those persons authorized to pick their child up from school. No parent shall delete or in any way alter the names provided by the other parent on the Emergency Contact Card.