Music Time

The Musical Experience

Hello! I invite any and all students to come and pick up an instrment, whether to join concert band and learn about marching band. You can even just learn theory to build up your musical skills. Who knows! Maybe someone you know wants to learn.
Students wishing to continue their musical experience or wish to start a new journey can join the Concert Band in school. No audition is necessary, although students should know basic music notation and scales.
As an extra-curricular activity, students are expected to be at every practice and every performance unless ill. This musical sport invites any kid to play and move in time to music on the football field. Nationally recognized, it helps students learn teamwork, as each spot on the field is equally important as the other.
This course introduces students to the different clefs commonly used by orchestras and bands. The concept of intervals and scales is also introduced into the course.
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