7th Grade Life Science

Welcome to Life Science!

This course is dedicated to the study of living things, our place in nature, cell biology, genetics and evolution, health and human body systems, and the process of scientific investigation. My grade book comprises homework, quizzes, labs, projects, some classwork assignments, and the midterm and final exams. Most of your grades will come from quizzes, on which you will receive a few days' notice, and which tend to assess one or two weeks' worth of information. Lab reports are larger assignments that take several weeks to complete, and which "count" a little more than a quiz. Longer term projects, when given, may receive more credit than a quiz or a lab report.

Human Body -- Digestive System -- FINAL EXAM

The Life Science Final will be given on Wednesday, June 18th. An outline of the topics covered is provided below.

Our next and final quiz, on the Digestive System,
is expected to be given some time during the week of June 9th (probably Wedneday the 11th), though the exact date will depend on class progress, and other quizzes scheduled that week, and it could change.  Essential class notes are posted below.

Parents should be advised that quizzes are increasingly announced on relatively short notice (usually a few days), as suitable amounts of new information are introduced (students who work with support are provided class notes and/or study guides well in advance).  Students should always study their class notes and handouts for 5-10 minutes each evening.

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