7th Grade Life Science

Welcome to Life Science!

This course is dedicated to the study of living things, our place in nature, cell biology, genetics and evolution, health and human body systems, and the process of scientific investigation. My grade book comprises homework, quizzes, labs, projects, some classwork assignments, and three tests each marking period.

You will have many opportunities to demonstrate your progress, but to do well you must keep up with the work, spend some time each evening reviewing what we've done, and always have your work ready on the due date.

My grading is broken down as follows:
   Tests/Lab Reports -- 45%
   Quizzes -- 40%
   Homework -- 10%
   Miscellaneous -- 5%

I look forward to working with each and every one of you this coming school year.

7th grade 2014-2015

First Lab Exercise -- Using the Scientific Method to Examine a Psychic Claim
Our first lab uses a popular television program to give us a workout with the Scientific Method -- can science be used to analyze the technique of a self-proclaimed psychic? We will try to find out.
Students will receive a series of handouts for recording and analyzing their data. Please keep these in a safe place where they can be used in class and kept from damage -- they will become part of our first lab report.

General Downloads

Students will be given a paper copy in class. James Randi discusses an episode of "Crossing Over with John Edward." Short-answer questions to be answered as a homework assignment. Due date to be given in class.