7th Grade Life Science

Welcome to Life Science!

This course is dedicated to the study of living things, our place in nature, cell biology, genetics and evolution, health and human body systems, and the process of scientific investigation. My grade book comprises homework, quizzes, labs, projects, some classwork assignments, and three tests each marking period.

You will have many opportunities to demonstrate your progress, but to do well you must keep up with the work, spend some time each evening reviewing what we've done, and always have your work ready on the due date.

My grading is broken down as follows:
   Tests/Labs/Projects -- 45%
   Quizzes -- 40%
   Homework -- 10%
   Miscellaneous (classwork, notebook checks, etc.) -- 5%

I look forward to working with each and every one of you this coming school year.

7th grade 2014-2015

First Marking Period closes out on Wednesday, November 12th
All assignments handed in so far (lab report, food web poster, Ecosystems test) will be counted toward the First Marking Period. The last quiz of the marking period (Human Population Problems) will be given on 11/14, but shown in Power School as 11/12.

Please note that the date for the last quiz of MP1 is shown in Power School as 11/12, only because Power School will not count any assignment beyond that date for the first marking period. The quiz was, in fact, given on 11/14, but counted toward the first marking period.

General Downloads

This is the grading rubric for all students who receive non-modified assignments. Students who receive modifications should see their support teachers for their grading rubric.