7th Grade Life Science

Welcome to Life Science!

This course is dedicated to the study of living things, our place in nature, cell biology, genetics and evolution, health and human body systems, and the process of scientific investigation. My grade book comprises homework, quizzes, labs, projects, some classwork assignments, and three tests each marking period.

You will have many opportunities to demonstrate your progress, but to do well you must keep up with the work, spend some time each evening reviewing what we've done, and always have your work ready on the due date.

My grading is broken down as follows:
   Tests/Labs/Projects -- 45%
   Quizzes -- 40%
   Homework -- 10%
   Miscellaneous (classwork, notebook checks, etc.) -- 5%

I look forward to working with each and every one of you this coming school year.

7th grade 2014-2015

Microscopes, Lab Illustration, & Cell Biology
By now the students have completed work on laboratory illustrations using the microscope. Each student has produced his or her own drawings, which will be graded using the rubric attached below.  Due date will depend on the progress of each individual class. Students who have missed class time will be able to complete their work during I.S. periods as needed.

CURRENTLY:  Students have been given a homework assignment, in which they compare the different parts of a living cell to the different parts of another system that they have come up with on their own (the "Cell as a System" project, DUE TUESDAY JAN 6th. They will be expected to present their project before the class.  This is meant to be a "mini-poster" and there is no need for a large, elaborate poster project. Grading rubric provided below.

General Downloads

The completed outline will be graded as a homework assignment, and then used to create the final project, which will be graded as a test grade.
Notes for the small unit on Mitosis & Meiosis, which leads up to the larger unit on Genetics

General Downloads

Cell Biology (286.21 KB)
Notes for upcoming quiz. Students will be asked to make comparisons between parts of cells and parts of other systems, such as schools, factories, sports teams, etc.