Mrs. Carter's Corner

Reading ROCKS!

I am so glad to be able to teach each of you reading this year! With diligence and dedication, together, we will uncover why reading is a critical life skill that will impact your future success. We will discover how reading, whether you are an avid or a reluctant reader, can be full of interesting surprises. It can even change how well you succeed in ALL of your academic endeavors (yes, even math!). I know we are going to have a wonderful year exploring all that the world of reading has to offer! So buckle your seat belt, and get ready to find out just how much reading ROCKS! Mrs. C
The Read 180 program is a research-based reading enhancement program designed to raise reading levels and test scores of our middle school readers. It is a program that allows students to practice comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and fluency skills. Students will also receive direct instruction via whole group and small group methods. Topics to be covered may include, but not be limited to summarizing, identifying main ideas, authorís point of view, cause/effect, predicting, compare/contrast, sequencing, and drawing conclusions.

The Balanced Literacy Approach is utilized in order to provide a well-rounded program for students to improve and maximize their reading abilities through a variety of activities designed to target specific areas of skill acquisition. This Balanced Approach to literacy provides Guided Reading/Direct Instruction activities to assist students with improving comprehension skills. These skills are imperative to being able to read and interpret the increasingly difficult texts that they will encounter. Additionally, vocabulary enrichment is obtained through the use of our �stems� program, also known as Word Within a Word, wherein students become familiar with roots (prefixes, suffixes) and their meanings in order to better comprehend the vocabulary that they will encounter throughout both their academic and everyday reading. Finally, fluency instruction is addressed through both a concerted focus on the student�s pursuit of the 25 book requirement presented through the Common Core Georgia Performance Standard (CCGPS) and through unit/trade book study.