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WELCOME TO CHEMISTRY! NOTE: All class notes are presented via Powerpoint in class. I save these in PDF format and load them on this ClassJump site every Friday afternoon. If you want to review these presentations just open the PDF labled "class lecture." There should be one posted every week. PPTs are also loaded in my teacher folder which is available from any computer at CHS. Students may bring in a USB or "flash" drive and take a copy of the ppts to their home computer. Students may also view the ppts in the classroom during the times that I tutor - M, T, Th - afterschool. Thank you. TEACHER: BARBARA BORGES PHONE: 938-0300 voice mail:4404 EMAIL: COURSE DESCRIPTION (from Program of Studies): This course will cover material substances, structure, reactions and products created. scientific measurement, atomic structure, chemical equations, stoichiometry, energy calculations, gas laws and the basics of nuclear chemistry. (BE AWARE: chemistry is math intensive! Students are expected to use new vocabulary, symbols, and mathematical expressions as they apply to the NM State Standards.) SUPPLIES: Scientific calculator (graphing not necessary), 2 each 2-pocket folders, 3-hole paper, graph paper pencils/pens, USB storage device. Calculator is VERY IMPORTANT & must be brought to class EVERYDAY. My Philospohy: Chemistry is a challenging subject, but I believe that every student can succeed. My task is to provide support and learning opportunities for each student. The student’s task is to take full advantage of these learning opportunities. When Can My Child Get Help? I am generally available during B lunch and 2nd period in Room A3117. I also stay after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to provide individual assistance to those who need help or who want a quiet place to work on their chemistry. I am also available via email. How Can I Help My Child Succeed? Ask your child what he/she is learning in class. If someone can explain an idea, they understand it better. See that they have a scientific calculator ($12 variety), a good place to study, and a good time to study. Students without internet access are welcome to use the computers in my classroom or in the school library.

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