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Ms Hayslip's Family and Consumer Science Blog

Hello! Welcome to the Family and Consumer Science blog page. We are going to have a GREAT year! Here you will be able to access weekly lesson plans as well as projects going on in class. The FACS schedule for this semester is:

1st-Career and Family Leadership

2nd-World Foods

3rd- Child Development


5th- Agoge

6th- Marriage and Family Relationships

7th-Marriage and Family Relationships

8th- World Foods

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Lesson Plans- Week of Feb. 24-28th
All Classes- Guest Speaker- Art Institute- post-secondary plans, college planning and choices

Tuesday- substitute here today
Career and Family- assignment chapter 27 review questions and vocabulary
Marriage and Family- chapter 30 study guide
Child Development- ch. 3 review questions and ch. 4 vocabulary

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Career and Family- Summarize the rewards and responsibilities of parenting.
                             Distinguish between unrealistic and realistic reasons for wanting a child.
                              Discuss emotional, financial, and personal readiness for parenthood
                             Describe the process of adjusting to parenthood
                             Explain challenges faced by teen parents and their children.
Marriage and Family- Compare theories of partner attraction.
                               Explain the value of knowing about theories of attraction.
                               Relate readiness factors to success in marriage.
                               Evaluate whether an attitude toward marriage is realistic
                               Explain why belief in the institution of marriage is important
Child Development- sign-ups for BTIO project to begin this week. Parent permission forms sent home
                            Summarize effective ways to guide children's behavior.
                            Project Introduction: Parents As Role Models project
                            Identify the methods of family planning.
                            Outline what occurs during each of the three stages of prenatal development
                            Contrast miscarriage and stillbirth
                            Identify how ten major birth defects can be diagnosed
                            Summarize the hazards that alcohol and other drugs pose to prenatal development
                            Assess why environmental hazards must be avoided during pregnancy
                            Describe how the fetus can be affected by certain illnesses the mother may contract