English 10

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Week 2 Plans
Tuesday, September 2
1.  Review Vocabulary Words using sentences about Chapters 1-2 of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  
Copy two example sentences in journal.  Create at least one sentence of your own.  Be sure to use context clues.
2.  Complete Grammar Corrections.
3.  Answer Questions for Chapters 1-2.  Tape questions in your journal.  Write answers for Chapter 1 in complete sentences.  You may choose to work alone or with a partner for Chapter 2 questions.  
4.  Read and discuss Chapter 3.
No Homework Assigned.

Wednesday, September 3
1.  Grammar Corrections.
2.  Vocabulary Review
3.  Finish reading Chapter 3.  Write answers in complete sentences in journal.
No Homework Assigned.



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